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From the hectic streets of New York City to the foggy, tranquil feels of San Francisco- we’ve traveled coast to coast thoroughly searching for what makes a sandwich, well…bomb. Our comprehensive menu reflects our creations and findings inspired by nooks and crannies of urban cities and our most cherished encounters throughout the years. Based in San Francisco, 5th Avenue is dedicated to provide premium quality meats and the freshest produce to ensure only the best sandwiches.

The Menu

The Menu



Inspired by the city’s serendipitous culture, our unique creations go beyond the traditional deli sandwich. Our cosmic menu is guaranteed to satisfy any craving- from Motivation Monday to that gnarly hangover Sunday afternoon, we’ve got you covered. Our premium meats, fresh produce, and artisan cheeses are hand selected to ensure the finest quality from construction to consumption. Carnivores, Pescetarians, and Vegetarians- unite!

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